Management – WP1

In brief: The objective of this work package is to ensure successful management of the project, from a technical, administrative, and financial perspective. The primary focus will be to deliver the RISE project within the budget and timeline specified in the proposal. Specific objectives include:

  • ensure coordination, effective management, control, internal communication and reporting; maintain an adequate risk assessment and management process
  • implement an efficient governance structure: Coordinator, General Assembly and Management Board
  • ensure the evaluation activities of the Boards supporting RISE: The Scientific Advisory Board and the Stakeholder Panel.
  • coordinate integration with EPOS, ARISTOTLE, CSEP, EUROVOLC, COPERNICUS and related projects to have effective integration of the platforms in development
  • oversee the project development progress, the overall impact and possible ethical issues

WP1 is closely related to WP8, which is fully dedicated to maximising the impact through a range of exploitation and dissemination actions.

Lead: ETH Zurich

Project Coordinator: Prof. Stefan Wiemer, ETH Zurich

Project Manager: Dr. Banu Mena Cabrera, ETH Zurich

Communication Officer: Michèle Marti, ETH Zurich

Administrative / Financial Officer: Romano Meier, ETH Zurich


Contact: Dr. Banu Mena Cabrera